Sunday, July 10, 2011

Indian house boat river

Arcylic on canvas 16" X 20"
This was inspired by samit and Whitney's trip to India. The picture Samit took on the river is art all by itself. I could do little to improve the impact the picture had. For me it was an excercise in distance made by layering planes of water and trees while still maintaing the intergrity of the picture and detail. I also just love an orange sunset and sometimes painting it makes me feel like I was there myself. Sold

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sinagapore Building Facad

Singapore facade
Acrylic on Canvas
This one was for Lia. This painting is a facade of building in Singapore. I think Matt took it. I just really liked how the lamp post stood out from the building. I know normally it is not very interesting in the artistic sense to paint a flat side with little or no dimension, but I just really had fun with the texture of the wall. It just had to be one of those things I had to do. This is a late post. I forgot to post this after I had done it.  Sold